Best Puzzle Games 2018 For Your Playing Delight

The best puzzle game is necessarily not the best Android game in the market!

best puzzle games

Welcome and thanks for your interest in our website. Today, I wan to talk about what has remained my best puzzle game in 2018. Hopefully, you will also get to share which is your favorite puzzle mobile game in the year 2018. So, without any further delay, lets jump right into the business of the day; shall we?

For me, my go-to puzzle game is the Toon Blast Mobile game. Between how long I have had it on my phone and how long I have been playing toon blast, I don’t know which is longer. The slightest chance I have at the office, I tend to spend it trying to complete different toon blast stages. The game has earbed the number one spot on my list of cool puzzle games because of the number of cool features built into the game.

Reasons Why Toon Blast is My Best Puzzle Game

Let me start this section by stating that I could go on endlessly on why toon blast has remained my favorites and best puzzle games. But for the sake of my readers, I will try to keep things short and simple.

Funny Characters – The very first thing that jumps at you when playing toon blast for the first time is how funny and cartoonish the game looks. Interestingly, the designers still manage to make toon blast both adult and kids friendly. Meaning that Adults and kids can play the game conveniently.

Endless Possibilities – Another cool thing I love about toon blast is the numerous features for destroying bricks. You can either choose to use Rockets or Bombs to cause mass destruction. The choice is always yours. How many puzzle games out there have such amazing and cool ways of destroying bricks and cubes? I don’t know about you, for me, I think just a few handful.

Over to You

Thanks for your time in perusing our top-rated puzzle games for mobile phones. We are also interested in knowing what your opinion is on the subject. So, please feel free to use the comment box to share with us which game remains your favorite and best puzzle game.