Little Known Tricks and Hacks for Kick the Buddy Game

When I first started playing kick the buddy game, it was difficult. I could barely get through a stage without requesting for extra lives. That was my initial experience. And as any normal human being would react, I felt like giving up. I almost deleted the game from my mobile device. On a second thought, I decided to give it another try. the second and the third trials with Kick the buddy game was were things started changing for the better. Gradually, I started picking up interest and today, the story is completely different. An hour can barely go by without me playing kick the buddy for a minimum of 10 minutes. That is how I have grown to love and enjoy playing kick the buddy game.

I also understand that I’m not alone regarding my first experience with kick the buddy game. A lot of people may have even thrown in the towel leading to them deleting and uninstalling the kick the buddy game from their mobile devices. For those of you folks out there that still have the game on your phones, there is hope for you. I have decided to make this guide to share some of the tips and hacks for Kick the buddy which I have used repeatedly to successfully play the game. My promise to you if you follow all the guides and suggestions shared on the article is that kick the buddy game will become one of your favorites and most frequently run application on your mobile phone.

Three Tips and Hacks for Kick the Buddy Game

Without any further delay, let’s get started with the latest kick the buddy hack 2019 and cheats that will revolutionize the way you play kick the buddy.

kick the buddy hackGet Comfortable with the Controls – Simple and straightforward right? Most times the answer to our problem is simple. We are the ones that always make it difficult and complicated. Don’t rush into playing the game just yet. Else you will end up being frustrated. Spend sometime first getting familiar with the game controls. Know which button performs which function. Initially, it will appear like you are wasting your time but believe me it will pay off in the future. Be sure that you are comfortable with each control and their functions before moving to the next stage. How do you know when you are conversant with the controls? The answer is simple. When you instantly response to an action without thinking for a second which button perform which action.

Get Yourself a Good Phone – there is no two ways…you simply must get a good gaming device. That is only mandatory if you intend getting cool gaming experience. A lot of people I have seen complain about poor gaming experience is simply because they are trying to play HD games on devices with poor RAM and processing performance. To get good experience, you need to upgrade to phones that are designed to drive HD graphics. Such phones are commonly referred to as gaming phones. There are different types and brands of gaming phones. So, you have to ensure that you do your due diligence when planning to purchase a new gaming mobile gadget.