Score Hero: One Of the Best Soccer Games of All times

score hero Game

Hey guys, we are here with another juicy post. Today, we are talking about one of the best soccer android games of all times. Its no other game than the famous Score Hero! I’m not sure if everybody have heard about score hero. If you have not then today is your lucky day! Myself was not aware of this game until early last year when a friend introduced me to the game in an MSc. Lecture hall. ever since then, I have been playing score hero none stop.

Overtime, score hero has climbed the ranks and is currently ranked top 3 in my list of favorite Android and iOS games. So, today, I have decided to share this amazing game with you guys. Hopefully, score hero will also make it to your list of favorite games.

About Score Hero

So, what the heck is Score hero?

Score hero is a soccer that is available for Android devices. unlike any other soccer game, the score hero is primarily concerned with horning your goal scoring skills. In the game, your primary task is to score goals from different locations and angles. The game is packed with +400 different levels. Upon a successful completion of each stage, you get bumped to the next stage. There is also a special game mode that you can unlock depending on how good you get with the game.

Getting Started with Score Hero

One of the things I like about score game is how simple and hassle-free it is to get started. Also, the game is free for everybody to download, install and start playing. To get started, simply head over to Google Playstore for Android phone Users and download score hero or iTune Store for iPhone users and download Score hero. Once there, search for “Score Hero” and click on the first result that pops out. Click to download the game and confirm the pop up for installation to begin. Once the installation is completed you are ready to start your first session with Score Hero.

Happy Playing and don’t forget to leave us comments to know how your experience with score hero went.